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The Dirty Youth

The Dirty Youth have fast become one of the most talked about and exciting new acts on the scene in 2011.

From South Wales, they quite simply, pack a punch. The kind you don't see coming and bruises up for days. Your eyes are drawn to the kick-ass bombshell at the front and before you know it, she's tearing up the stage like no other. Of course, live, they are quite simply not-to-be-missed - strutting with ease onto this year's Download highlights page after lacing the acoustic stage with a ferocity to rival many a main stage band.

'RED LIGHT FIX', their debut release is out October 10th and has been mixed by Martyn 'Ginge' Ford and Colin Richardson (Slipknot, BFMV, Trivium) and mastered by none other than Sterling Sound (Aerosmith, AC/DC, Michael Jackson). 'FIGHT' is the knock-out brand new single from The Dirty Youth, doing exactly what it says on the tin, have a listen below.

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LOVE THIS? then head over to itunes, HMV to download the album 'Red Light Fix' or purchase physical signed copies direct from the band by clicking HERE

For more information on the band check out their Facebook and Twitter profiles. Also you can check out the official video for 'FIGHT' (below) and other visual treats on the bands YOUTUBE channel.